Reading Scandal: On Rob Ford

By Mark McConaghy Here in Toronto, as the city moves on with its daily business amidst the aftermath of the Rob Ford scandal, many of us are still trying to take our bearings and figure out just what it all meant. Many people have asked me- why haven’t I written about it yet? Given the […]

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On Watching Game 7 in Toronto

By Mark McConaghy The Scene Monday Night. 7:30 pm. The pub in the tony part of Toronto, the neighborhood known as Rosedale, was packed with people young and old. They were there to cheer on the Toronto Maple Leafs in a deciding game 7 in their playoff series against the Boston Bruins. After having been […]

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The Battle Over Back Campus

Mark McConaghy breaks down the political stakes involved in the University of Toronto’s decision to turf a vital piece of green space in downtown Toronto. Although seemingly a simple issue of field quality, the proposed turfing cuts the very core of questions of democracy, public space, and community life in Canada’s largest urban center. In […]

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