The impetus for this blog emerged out of our mutual frustration with what was going on in the world around us.  For several years now, the three of us have been meeting and arguing over beers and food in pubs and restaurants around Toronto about everything under the sun concerning politics, culture, social policy, economics, aesthetics, you name it.  What we discovered was that we hardly ever agree on much of anything, but the one thing we do agree on is that something needs to change.  In the way the world is being run, in politics, in art.  In the very way we think.

We don’t think this change will come easily.  If history has taught us anything, it’s that change is messy.  It doesn’t always speak with a refined voice.  It doesn’t always play nice.  And it often hardly ever agrees with itself.  It wouldn’t be change otherwise. But it does need a voice.  Instead of sitting on our laurels waiting for that voice to come to us, we thought we might take our arguments about the nature of change to the blogosphere and see where the conversation took us.  We wanted to see if there were any others out there that were interested in engaging in the possibilities of thinking a different political, economic, aesthetic or cultural trajectory than we are currently on.

We wanted to see what kind of voices would emerge.  Because if change does have a voice, it is a clamor – one that would sing out in a hundred languages with a thousand different joys and anxieties, that would shake the very ground under our feet with its graceful thunder, and show us a world we never thought was possible.

If only it were given the chance to speak.

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