Reading Scandal: On Rob Ford

By Mark McConaghy Here in Toronto, as the city moves on with its daily business amidst the aftermath of the Rob Ford scandal, many of us are still trying to take our bearings and figure out just what it all meant. Many people have asked me- why haven’t I written about it yet? Given the […]

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On Rehtaeh Parsons

By Mark McConaghy Last week our nation was shocked by the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons. The details of the story are so grim they remain difficult to summarize: at the age of 15 Parsons was allegedly sexually assaulted at a house party by 4 teenage boys in the small town of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. A […]

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On Friendship

By Mark McConaghy Human connection is often posited as the source of fundamental meaning in our lives. And indeed, it is: without our family, partners, and friends we would face nothing but the competition, loneliness, and anger of our market-driven professional lives. And yet what if just “being a good person” is not enough? What […]

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